Liegenschaft Griechenland



Grosse Liegenschaft in Griechenland nahe Küste vom Mittelmeer.


The Manor is a complex of 8300 m2 on the island of Euboea.

Euboea island is the biggest island in Greece. It is located to the North of Athens. To reach the island, one travels with the car from Athens to the port city of Oropos in about 30 minutes, where one takes a free boat to Eretria. On an enjoyable trip  with refreshments and view of a blue sea one reaches the city of Eretria in another 30 minutes.


Eretria was a major city in Ancient Greece and is in more recent times known for being the home of one of the liberators of Greece in the 1800's. While in the

contemporary city one can enjoy the attractions of a port city, the

ancient city offers many more attractions such as the ancient greek theater

of the town with the only remaining "Ex Machina Dei" of the ancient times

(a special construction where the god of the underworld appears underground).

In the summer the ancient theater offers theatrical plays of ancient

tragedies or comedies. The theater is built in a space between the surrounding

hills and the sea providing the best acustic in the place.


The Manor is located on this island, about 600 m from the beach, placed amongst pistache trees, Orange trees and others such as olive trees which

date each over 150 years back. Properly cultivated one can extract over 500 liters of

olive oil per annum.


There is a 27 meter deep well which is used to water the surrounding nature

The well is hand made and it contains pure drink water coming down from the mountains.


Through a network of underground pipes the well can be used to water all the

trees of the place. The place used to have hundreds of trees from all kind of grapes

in a grape vine which can still be cultivated to almond trees pistachio

trees, Peach, apricot, mandarin, orange, grapefruit etc. fruits. To date more than

50 trees carry fruits every year.


The place has a small pond made for cat fish and gold fish. The cat fish is

known for eating the eggs of the mosquitos, not leaving many mosquitos around

in the summer.



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